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Heritage Museum, Allegheny-Kiski Valley Historical Society

Pic of the Week: Sep 17 - Sep 23, 2017                                       ©Cheryl Chew Carson "Lovely Street Scape"

"Pic of the Week" was selected by Sidney Katkazoom

While there were many photo's I was drawn to this week,
I kept coming back to Cheryls lovely streetscape.
The leading lines pulled me in and made me want to stoll under those lovely autume leaves.
Her processing gave it a sweet nostalgic quality that was very appealing.
Nice job, Cheryl

Thank you for the opportunity to enjoy everyones work.



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Congratulations to Cheryl Chew Carson!
Her photo "Lovely Street Scape"
was selected "Pic of the Week"
for Sep 17 - Sep 23
by Sidney Katkazoom.
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