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Heritage Museum, Allegheny-Kiski Valley Historical Society

Pic of the Week: May 10 - May 16, 2015                                          ©Jaime Bird "Amish Gentleman"

"Pic of the Week" was selected by Wendy Marchese for the previous winner, Dave Prelosky.

The Amish do not like their picture taken
and to take one has to say something about the photographer.
I like the detail with the Amish gentleman looking at tools,
the starch in the collar of his shirt, the different stitching on the shoulder of the shirt,
by the expression of his mouth it looks like he just took a drink,
and of course the background of the flea market.
That was tough to decide, looked at each one and marked down which ones I liked and why.
I had to sleep on the last couple.
Thanks for letting me do that.



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Congratulations to Jaime Bird !
His photo "Amish Gentleman"
was selected "Pic of the Week"
for May 10 - May 16 by
Wendy Marchese for
the previous winner, Dave Prelosky..
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