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Heritage Museum, Allegheny-Kiski Valley Historical Society

Pic of the Week: March 08- March 14, 2015                                          ©Maury Burgwin "Sorrowful Woman"

"Pic of the Week" was selected by the previous winner Donald Stone.

For this weeks picture of the week,
I chose Maury Burgwin's photo from March 13th of a sorrowful elder woman in the street.
She is wearing a blue sweater with a colorful red shawl over her shoulders holding her hat.
I picked this photo due to its stand alone ability to tell a story
as well as how it shows emotion without looking like she was posed for the shot.
Very good street photography as well as an interesting subject.
A difficult choice with so many talented photographers.



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New Pic of the Week:

Congratulations to Maury Burgwin !
His photo "Sorrowful Woman"
was selected "Pic of the Week"
for Mar 08 - Mar 14 by the
previous winner, Donald Stone.

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