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Heritage Museum, Allegheny-Kiski Valley Historical Society

Pic of the Week: Sep 13 - Sep 19, 2015                                           ©Chris London Sokalski "At Burrell Lake Park"

"Pic of the Week" was selected by Vanessa Picard.

Chris London Sokalski's Burrell Lake Park is my favorite.
While Chris submitted this picture as a great reflections image,
the reflections are that of an incredible sky.
I think my favorite part is the leading lines
that the shadowed parts of the clouds make --
leading my eye directly to the beautiful orange of the setting sun.
Beautiful work as always, Chris.

Thank You,


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Congratulations to Chris Sokalski!
Her photo "At Burrell Lake Park"
was selected "Pic of the Week"
for Sep 13 - Sep 19
by Vanessa Picard. .

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